Vom 14. bis 23. Juni 2018 besuchten fünf Schülerinnen der Mooresville High School in Mooresville, North Carolina, Partnerstadt von Hockenheim, das Gauß-Gymnasium gemeinsam mit ihren Betreuern Yamaro Scott, Melody und Murdoch Morrison.


Die zehn amerikanischen und deutschen Schülerinnen, die am Austausch beteiligt waren.

Die US-amerikanischen Schülerinnen schrieben ihren eigenen Bericht über ihren Aufenthalt in Deutschland:

For nine days, we five Americans from Hockenheim’s sister city Mooresville, North Carolina, have spent our time in Hockenheim and the surrounding cities.

We have been able to attend school, and do some sightseeing. Together, we all visited Speyer to see a church, and then Heidelberg to see a castle! We have individually visited cities like Mannheim, Viernheim, Schwetzingen, Strasbourg, and more! Some of us have been to France, and the Black Forest. When not visiting other cities, we have spent our time playing games, drinking coffee, eating chocolate, going to climbing parks, making friendship bracelets, trying new foods, watch movies, and answering questions about America.

During our time in Hockenheim, we were able to pick out a few differences with America and Germany.
One of the biggest things we noticed, was how often the Germans eat!!  In America, we mainly eat three large meals a day, and do not snack a lot.
Another thing we noticed was the lack of small talk. Americans are often very nosey and make small talk with others.
Riding bicycles, and public transportation is another difference. America does not have lots of public busses, or trains and sidewalks are also scarce.
We also have a very spread apart city, making us unable to ride our bicycles anywhere.
Specifically about our school, we realized that the school schedules are very different. In America, we have the same four classes each day, that are one hour and a half long. At our school, we also have a dress code that says what we can and cannot wear.
In addition, every student at our school is given a laptop, where we do all of our work. We do not use books at all, and a lot of our worksheets are done on the laptops also.

We also had a lot of surprises waiting for us when we arrived. Some of the first things we noticed were the lack of ice cubes in drinks, and air conditioning in buildings. Americans use a lot of ice, and we drink all of our drinks cold. Also, all of our buildings have air conditioning.

We were also very surprised by the windows. You are able to open them so many different ways, which was very cool for us to see. We were also very surprised about the shades that cover them from the outside. We only have inside shades, so the first time we saw these, we were very surprised.

Yet another thing we were surprised about was how often Germans sit down to have dinner with their family. American families often make dinner, and everyone sits and eats separately, so it was quite a surprise to sit down for dinner. Also dinner in America is equivalent to lunch in Germany. In Germany they believe that lunch is the most important meal of the day, which is why lunches in Germany are bigger than dinner.

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Autorin: Claudia Klement